Dedicated to crafting an experience that  you  want to repeat over and over





To offer the highest quality locally sourced products, served in a casual environment with the guests experience and pleasure being paramount to all.  Supporting our staff with knowledge through training and experience, we hope to make everyone’s visit to bE a visit worth recommending and repeating. Using fresh seasonal ingredients to elevate casual fare, while we deliver the highest quality neoclassic versions of ales and lagers. The driving force behind establishing the brewery Emperial brand is a vision of quality delivered with our personality.  



In all we do, our goal is to empower our community, deliver great food and beer in a friendly and attentive manner while maintaining a casual atmosphere suitable for any occasion.



                            Great Beers!           Bringing ales and lagers to the East Crossroads community in an effort to contribute to the craft brewing movement by producing world class Beer!



                    Delicious Food Locally sourced, fresh seasonal ingredients are the basis for our menu. Be sure to ask about daily specials and sit at our chef's counter to enjoy the ambience of our large open flame hearth in the kitchen



                Comfortable             & casual environment suitable for business, families, friends, special occassions, you'll feel at home with us. Our intimate dining room or our spacious beer garden make for a great place to hang out.



                    Attentive & Friendly- We strive to serve and keep you comfortable, anticipating your needs and giving you options that will surely gratify.


Bringing what we know to you- our guests and learning together what we do not know


brewery Emperial - We get asked about our name sometimes... There are several layers to what we decided to call ourselves.

In the history of Kansas City, there were several breweries of note. The shell of a former great one worth remembering still sits along I-35 about 3 miles from where our location is... The Imperial Brewery building stands as a reminder of the days when bigger meant better. From the late 19th century until prohibition, Imperial Brewery had a foothold in Kansas City: brewery Emperial is a nod to the noble Kansas City brewing tradition.  

In addition to that homage, bE is named in the more European tradition of "brewery" first - this represents our intention to keep beers our main focus, we will serve Great bEer, that's what we want to do, first & foremost.  

Emperial: A combination of two words-

  •                              Empirical: as in     -   that's a fact, Jack!    
  •                              Imperial:   -    meaning majestic; of a demanding quality; worthy of royalty (Go Royals!); domineering 


  •                              Emperial  [em-peer-ee-uhl]  adj.     it's a fact, our food and beer is high quality, worthy of royalty and                                                      you will bE treated as such.


                        brewery Emperial                                  1829 Oak St                            KCMO                              64108                        

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             East Crossroads Newest Brewery 


“He was a wise man who invented beer.”

Plato |  Greek philosopher


Our story

Keith Thompson, sage and talented brewer, spent a career in great beer establishments before realizing he & his wife, Julie Thompson’s dream. As a dishwasher at Free State Brewery in Lawrence, KS, Keith was inspired to follow his (generous) nose from malted grain and hops through such fine brewpubs as 75th Street Brewery in the Waldo neighborhood of Kansas City, now defunct River Market Brewing Co,  and for many years at McCoy’s Public House in Westport entertainment district, also in Kansas City.  Through those times he met what would become the dream team that would go on to open the now infamous brewery Emperial.  Ted Habiger, renowned chef and owner of the fine restaurants Room 39(39th street corridor, KCMO) and Room 39 Mission Farms (Leawood, KS) and more recently Sasha’s Bakery(9th & Baltimore, KCMO), met Keith at 75th Street where they began in the same server training class.  Around the same time Keith began his career in brewing(moving into the brewhouse as an assistant), Ted began his career in the kitchen eventually becoming Chef de Cuisine at Kansas City’s acclaimed Cafe Allegro, and later mastering his craft as Sous Chef at Union Square Cafe in NY before returning to KC to open his own brasseries.  Keith’s time at McCoy’s Public House and Brewkitchen put him in the room with Rich Kasyjanski, Keith and Ted’s partner in bE. Rich was a front of the house wizard who could charm the devil and keep guests glasses filled and spirits up. Reconnecting after Keith & his wife Julie began putting together their dream board, this amazing group put together a Kansas City legend that inspires foodies, beer nerds, hipsters, and ilk of all variety to enjoy supreme quality in a relaxed atmosphere.  Outdoor space, check.  Wood burning cooking hearth, check. Roasting meats, check. Some of the best beers you’ll ever find, ( that’s anywhere)… HUGEMONGOUS CHECK.  Ladies & Gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to our show.  Enjoy!